The role of Chief Financial Officer to your business can include all or any of the following services.


*  Acting as financial controller for your business


*  Coordinating/assisting with meeting structures, governance and accountability


*  Participating in monthly/quarterly meetings as part of the management group


*  Analysis of business performance and financial position


*  Identifying specific key financial performance indicators, setting targets and     monitoring outcomes to improve business performance


* Forensic Accounting


*  Budgeting and finance submissions


*  Analysis and review of business risk


*  Business reviews


*  Special projects


*  Project management


*  Business education to assist you improve your understanding of the performance     drivers of your business and to assist the next generation with business succession


*  Working with /liaising with/coordinating activities with your professional advisors     including Bankers, Accountants and Legal Advisor


   To assist you to choose the range and level of services to suit your requirements, we    will discuss with you what each service involves and how it is delivered. Meeting    dates and events will be scheduled 12 months in advance.


   All services are provided on a fee for service basis charged either as an hourly rate    or as a fixed fee. Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.












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